PM Barzani launches strategic bridge project in Halabja

Dilan Sirwan

Feb. 23, 2024 • 2 min read
Image of PM Barzani launches strategic bridge project in Halabja

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region inaugurates strategic bridge project in Halabja, to boost trade flow and local economy while commemorating victims of past atrocities.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region of Iraq - The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region on Thursday set the foundation stone of a strategic bridge project that would increase trade flow in Halabja.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani led a high ranking delegation to Halabja that included Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani and Interior Minister Reber Ahmed.

Barzani’s visit was a first for him since he assumed office, and the first destination of his visit was the Halabja memorial, where he paid his respect to the 5000 lives lost in the Baath regime’s brutal chemical attack on the city in 1988.

The Kurdish Prime Minister then visited the Halabja traffic directorate where he inaugurated the distribution of Halabja license plates.

Barzani later in his visit set the foundation stone of the Twaghoot bridge project, which links Halabja to Garmian administration directly and enhances the ability of farmers to better transport their produce and market it across other areas.

“With the completion of this road and bridge, the people of the region will benefit greatly, especially as it links Halabja to the different areas of Garmian administration,” Barzani said during the ceremony.

During his visit, Barzani approved a number of government projects for Halabja, among them were the allocation of a portion of Halabja’s customs revenue for internal use and services, as well as the employment of 500 people across the Halabja administrative offices.

Barzani’s visit concluded with his inauguration of the Rasan olive oil factory.

The Kurdistan Region annually produces a large amount of olive oil, and Halabja is the largest producing area in the Region.

The factory will add more to Halabja’s increasing global popularity in the produce field, as a good part of the olive oil produced will be exported to the UK and Germany.

“I thank the resilient people of Halabja,” Prime Minister Barzani said during his visit, promising that the KRG will do more for the people of Halabja.


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