PM Barzani meets Sulaimani locals, promises progress

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Jul. 09, 2024 • 2 min read
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Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani met Sulaimani people, promising improvements in healthcare, infrastructure, building on his track record of delivering past promises.

Less than a year after holding a town hall meeting with people from across the Kurdistan Region, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani met with locals from Sulaimani province, with a track record of delivering promises and an intention to deliver more.

Barzani met with 40 locals from the different parts of Sulaimani province for a televised Q&A session which aired this week. 

This marked Barzani’s first meeting with locals from Sulaimani province inside the city, where he addressed numerous questions and requests.

Barzani made several promises to the people during his televised meeting, including better infrastructure in various areas, developing the health sector, and implementing ways to recycle medical waste.

“During the financial crisis, the private sector helped the government in some provinces by carrying out projects,” Barzani said in one part of the session, calling on the private sector in Sulaimani to do the same to further develop the province.

Barzani further promised to improve the state of roads and traffic in the province.

In another part of the meeting, Barzani praised the Kurdistan Region’s embrace for diversity.

“The Kurdistan Region is beautiful with all its religions, ethnicities, and races, and we cannot be racists, even with foreigners that work here,” Barzani said.

This was the fifth televised meeting with people that Barzani has held during his tenure as the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region. The most recent occurred in 2023 where he met people from across the Kurdistan Region. 

Barzani came to the meeting with a good track record of delivering promises.

After meeting with Yazidi families in 2023, Barzani’s cabinet has since announced a project that provides aid to the Yazidis who survived ISIS.

He then listened to the demands of Halabja’s people, where several projects were proposed to him at the time. 

Since then, Barzani has visited Halabja twice and launched several projects including the Twaghoot bridge, a steel silo project, the allocation of a portion of Halabja’s customs revenue for internal use and services, as well as the employment of 500 more people across all Halabja administrative offices.

He spoke to farmers, and a year later, he boosted trust in local produce and halted the import of several types of produce.

Barzani promised several other developments in his town hall meeting last year, and successfully delivered on them. This serves as a postive example, instilling hope that he will fulfill the promises he made this year as well.

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